Props  Genuine Honda outboard propellers (three and four blade)

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Replacing your outboard propeller can be a little daunting if you aren't sure what the numbers mean in relation to how the engine will perform. The way to view the propeller is like the gearing of your engine. The higher the pitch of the propeller, the higher the gearing (the further it moves through the water per 360o revolution). The larger the diameter the propeller the greater this will assist with starting and stopping and steering. It is those two key features of your propeller that will determine how the engine will perform on the boat in question. So don't be afraid to ask us a question about propellers, if we can help then we surely will.

Honda BF5 (5hp) 3-blade prop

A range of three bladed props suitable for all models of the Honda BF4.5 and BF5 outboard range

£60.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £10.17
Size option

Honda BF9.9A (9.9hp) or BF15A (15hp) 3-blade prop

A range of three blade props to suit the older Honda 9.9hp and 15hp outboard motors (with square hoods, NOT round)

£75.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £12.67
Size option

Honda BF8D to 20D (8hp -20hp) 4-blade prop

Four blade aluminium propellers to suit the Honda BFD range of outboard motors (newer models, 8hp, 10hp, 15hp and 20hp)

£91.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £15.33
Size option

Honda BF25 (25hp) & BF30 (30hp) 3-blade prop

A range of three blade aluminium props to suit Honda's 25hp and 30hp outboards

£106.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £17.83
Size option


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