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At Ely Boat Chandlers we have been helping customers choose an LPG boat cooker or hob for well over a decade. We can offer a wide range of styles and budgets, and we are more than happy to talk through your requirements. The main things to consider when choosing are: How much space do I have?, do I want it free-standing or built in?, what size gas supply do I need?, how often and in what way would I want to use the oven-hob- or grill?.

If you don't see what you are looking for, or have specific requirements then please do ask us, we list a wide range but not everything we can obtain / offer. We will always aim to offer you the best price we can on a model of your choice.

Statesman Legacy Freestanding LPG cooker

A classic stand alone LPG cooker with white finish. Home comfort at a great price

£384.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £64.17

Statesman Legacy Silver stand-alone LPG cooker

A classic stand alone LPG cooker with Silver finish. Home comfort at a great price

£379.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £63.33

Thetford Spinflo Caprice half LPG cooker (Black, build-in, 12v ign)

A variation on the standard model, this version retains all the best features just with a smaller overall height

£599.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £100.00

Belling BI70 LPG build-in oven and grill

A stylish stainless steel and black finish separate oven and grill.

£579.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £96.67

Belling DIL60 LPG build-in cooker

A great SS finish cooker that would make a great addition to a Narrowboat, larger cruiser or larger caravan

£599.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £100.00

Spinflo Duplex LPG Oven & Grill (boat caravan motorhome)

The Spinflo Duplex is a 36L all black LPG cooker and grill with Piezo ignition. Its size makes it ideal for boats,...

£249.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £41.67

Spinflo Triplex LPG hob, oven and grill

LIMITED TIME OFFER! - A great space saving cooker, hob and grill .... ideal for Cruisers, Motorhomes and Caravans

£434.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £72.50

Spinflo Enigma LPG cooker (Grey)

A large build in hob, oven and grill. Ideal for larger boats, Caravans or Static caravans

£589.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £98.33

Spinflo Midi 1/2 MK3 Black LPG build in cooker (boat or caravan)

The Spinflo Midi is a stylish looking build in LPG oven and grill. It can be mounted low or high in the galley and...

£414.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £69.17

Spinflo Caprice (Black) LPG build in cooker

A modern looking hob, oven and grill from Thetford at a fantastic price. Great for larger boats and caravans

£649.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £108.33


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