Alde Compact 3020 HE combi boiler boat heating kit (was 3010)

BOAT KIT (caravan kits are different) - The latest generation LPG boiler, Alde compact 3020. 5.5kw LPG heat output, 3.2kw 230v heat output, internal water storage heater 8L, also works with approriate calorifier and rad system
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Alde Compact 3020 central heating combination boiler (replaces the 3010)

Please find below some detail and explanation of this neat little heating option.

  • Complete kit including side flue = £1849.99
  • Complete kit including roof flue = £1899.99

If you would like clarification on anything, or to discuss how it might be installed in your boat, caravan, motorhome or RV then please feel free to give us a ring on 01353 663095 and we will do our very best to help

Please note that the kits we are selling have the uprated 12v circulation pump (and header tank) to suit the larger heating systems found on boats. It is a slight cost increase from the original model, but an important upgrade that will ensure correct operation and a nice warm boat! - motorhome or RV customers please ask us about this.


Advantages and functionality of the 3020 (replaces the 3010 model)

The Alde is primarily an LPG powered boiler with two primary methods of use:

  1. There is an 8.4L internal tank in the unit that is heated either by LPG (propane or butane) or the 230v immersion heaters inside (fitted as standard). This is designed to heat up enough water quickly to supply a sink or shower. The water can either be heated up by LPG, 230v or both if you want it super quick.
  2. The boiler has an outlet (approx 5.5kw) to supply a wet heating system (either radiators or convectors) that would heat the cabin space, and a total max output of 8.7kw if used in conjunction with the mains powered heat output. 

These two function are used in different ways depending upon whether you are fitting the unit into a boat or caravan / motorhome / RV:

  • In a vehicle you wouldnt normally want to carry around a large hot water cylinder because its heavy, therefore you would tend to use the 8.4L storage heater for your sink and shower needs, then use the 5.5kw output to run a heating system such as light weight convectors. 
  • In a boat you tend to have a 50-75L calorifier (hot water tank) rather than small quick heating storage heater capacity. Therefore the 5.5kw output is used to heat a calorifier and run radiators, the calorifier just being treated as another radiator. With this set up the internal 8.4L tank can either be left empty or disconnected.. 


One important point to note:

The Alde compact 3020 heat exchanger in this unit is Aluminium, this means that it is unsuitable to be connected up to a copper pipe or calorifier heating system (galvanic action would cause erosion). Therefore pipework needs to be plastic or SS, and if a calorifier is used the internal coils need to be stainless steel (or basically not copper).


The LPG and 230v heat sources can be used in a number of ways:

The Alde 3020 can run on just LPG and 12v (to run the pumps and electrics), or just the 230v immersion heaters and 12v (to run the pumps). Running the unit on just the mains power (and 12v) would be fine for heating the 8.4L internal tank, or just a calorifier, but it wouldnt be powerful enough to get the radiators in a system anything greater than "warm".


From the panel you control all the basic functions of the boiler, on/off, gas on/off, 12 or 230 V pump (option), 1 or 2 kW 230v output, and the programmes.

  • Temperature. Set desired room temperature
  • Hot water boost. 30 min boost in hot water output
  • Error reporting. Show fault codes
  • Outdoor temperature, if linked to outdoor temperature sensor
  • Clock
  • Auto-start. Starts up boiler at date/time specified
  • Programmable. Boiler on/off at set date/times

Kit contents

Installation kit containing:

  • Alde combi boiler (3020 compact)
  • Control panel and cable (approx. 8.5 m),
  • Side or roof flue terminal (specified at time of order),
  • outlet exhaust and inlet air hoses and clips,
  • Expansion tank and cover,
  • Non-return valve, and safety drain valve, red and water fresh water tube, rubber elbow, and 12-15 mm SpeedFit connector

Dimensions and Technical specifications

Dimensions and technical specifications

  • Dimensions: Height 310 × Length 490 × Breadth 340 mm
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Max gas power output: 5.5 kW (propane), 6.4 kW (butane)
  • Max electric power output: 2.1 kW
  • Max gas consumption: 405 g/h (propane), 460 g/h (butane)
  • Gas pressure: 28-30/37 mbar (I3+)
  • Fluid capacity: 8.4 L (fresh water), 3.5 L (glycol)
  • Max fluid pressure: 3000 mbar (fresh water), 500 mbar (glycol)
  • Max current: 1 A (start-up), 0.4 A (LPG), 0.2 A (230 V), 0 A (optional 230 V pump)
  • Min flue length: 0.5 m (side), 2 m (roof)
  • Max flue length: 1.5 m (side), 3.5 m (roof)


If you look at the boiler you will be able to see that all connections are on one side of the boiler, this facilitates fitment up against bulkheads or other confined areas and overhangs.

LPG Boat central heating


Roof Flue outlet option (to be specified at time of order)

Roof flue

Side Flue option (to be specified at time of order)

side flue


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