Bosch W11 LPG instantaneous water heater

A more sophisticated alternative to the Morco G11. This heater has fully automatic ignition!
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£299.99 (inc. VAT)
VAT Content: £50.00

The Bosch W11 LPG water heater is a more sophisticated option than its rivals, it offers the advantage of automatic ignition, so it only lights when there is demand for hot water, the advantage being that you don't have a pilot light burning gas when its not in use.

Whilst it is a slightly more expensive alternative to the Morco, we believe the enhanced capability, and fact that the pipe fittings are included, make this a great option for a Caravan, Static home or Shepherds hut. As with any gas appliance though we recommend you get it fitted by a gas-safe registered engineer for safety and warranty purposes. Also you should check any relevant legislation relating to fitment of this item to your vehicle, van or home. 


This item needs to be fitted by a qualified LPG fitter

Product Specifications:

  • Pipe fittings included
  • LPG fuel (Propane or Butane)
  • Fully automatic battery ignition
  • Maximum output of 11L per minute (25 degC above input temp)
  • 110mm diameter flue needed
  • Dimensions: 580mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 220mm(D excluding knobs)
  • This is not a room sealed (balanced flue) product
  • The output is ideal for multiple sinks and for a good shower

If you are unsure if this product is suitable for your application then please feel free to ask us. We would also recommend you speak to your installer prior to purchase



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