(RR102W) Shoreline 12/24V 98L boat fridge

Shoreline 12/24V RR102W 98L (Fridge & Freezer) White

£519.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £86.67

(FD171) Shoreline 71L under counter 12v/24v boat fridge freezer (stand alone)

Shoreline FD171 under counter fridge freezer (separate doors). An excellent solution for extended cruising on your boat

£564.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £94.17

(RU5010) Shoreline 74L all white 12v/24v boat freezer

Shoreline RU5010 stand alone marine freezer. This model makes a matching pair with the larder fridge equivalent...

£589.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £98.33

(CF35R) Shoreline 12v/24v chest freezer

Rail-mounted chest freezer, ideal for mounting under a bed or dinette!

£599.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £100.00

(RL5010W) Shoreline 110L 12v/24v larder fridge

Shoreline RL5010W 12v and 24v larder boat fridge. All white.

£559.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £93.33

(FM138) Shoreline 113L Fridge freezer

Larger size 113L stand alone fridge freezer...inluding 15L freezer compartment

£559.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £93.33

(TT46) Shoreline 46L 12v/24v boat fridge

This modestly sized all-white boat fridge freezer is ideal for smaller galley installations

£419.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £70.00


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