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The range of Mastervolt products allow you to design an electrical system around your needs. From the small AC Master inverters and compact IVO Smart battery chargers to the Mass Chargers and Mass Sine inverters for larger systems, and the Mass Combi inverter chargers.

  • One of the specific advantages of a Mastervolt battery charger is the temperatures at which it can operate at (up to 60°C) allowing you the flexibility to mount it in places other brands would struggle. Their sealed cases and resistance to temperature gives you the option of mounting them out the way in the engine room. For specific technical information and detail on any of the product range visit their website at
  • The Mastervolt inverter charger combi unit is very tolerant of poor input voltages and frequencies from your shore power, its output is a pure sinewave at 230vAC so you can be confident that you can run your sensitive equipment through the Mass combi no matter where you are. The inverter-charger combination from Mastervolt is one of the most cost and space effective solutions for a highly effective marine electrical system.
  • As a Mastervolt Energy shop we are committed to offering you advice and assistance in choosing the right product for your electrical system needs.
Ely Boat Chandlers are a Mastervolt Energyshop, so buying electronic equipment from us ensures you are getting the benefit of our experience of boat electrics and Mastervolt\'s technical expertise. You can be confident we will advise you to the best of our ability on which product will best meet your needs. Have a look in our downloads section for manuals and guides of relevant products.
We appreciate that choosing the right inverter or battery charger can be confusing, so we offer as much assistance as we can in specifying a unit to meet your needs and budget! If you need help then give Richard a call and he will be happy to run your needs though our \"Electrical calculator\". We input your battery bank size, your 12v DC requirements and your 240v / 230v AC requirements, and most importantly how you use your boat. Then we can advise as to how a system would perform and what benefit a Mastervolt charger, inverter, or combination inverter charger will give.


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