La Plancha (Ecozoom) - A unique twin rocket-stove cooking range

A versatile, portable and powerful rocket stove cooking range. It can burn wood, biomass and charcoal. Great for camping or at home. The twin burners gives so many flexible cooking options, and the variable height flue keeps smoke to an absolute minimum
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The Plancha can use wood, charcoal or biomass, so its incredibly flexible to use in many different circumstances and conditions. With two independent burners and a cast iron cook top it is perfect for the outdoor chef.

Why use a rocket stove?

  • It burns 60% less fuel than an open fire and generates 70% less smoke
  • Its quick to light and quick to heat up
  • Less fuel burned means less to find, carry or pay for
  • You don't need electricity or gas!
  • We think the La Plancha represents a truly innovative outdoor cooking experience for a campsite or your patio. You can cook quickly and easily using multiple pans or the open flame. We are even trialling a pizza oven technique using large clay flower-pots! (youtube video to follow as soon as possible)

How do I use one?

  • The La Plancha can be used with one or both burners. The hot flue gasses pass under the cast iron cook top and then up the flue. This gives you three ways you can cook...directly on the surface, with a pan on the surface, or remove the cast iron top-hat above a burner and cook directly on the flame.
  • If burning wood then sticks are placed end into the combustion chamber and slowly inserted as they burn down. The more sticks then the hotter it gets. The lower damper door is left open to maximise the airflow.
  • If burning charcoal then the top firebox door is closed, then the lower damper door is opened to control the airflow. Charcoal is simply loaded in the top. The greater the air flow then the quicker and hotter the burn.


  • Durable cast iron top
  • Fully insulated burner bodies retain and transfer maximum heat to your pot or pan
  •  Refractory metal lined combustion chambers
  • Reinforced metal door frames
  • 8ft flue supplied in 5 sections (not all sections need to be used). The rocket stove design generates a lot of heat for very little smoke, but the flue allows what is generated to be directed away from a covered area.
  • The bottom of the burners are insulated but will get hot with with prolonged use
  • Wood drying compartment at the back of the stove (used for storing the flue when not in use)
  • First section of flue has a mesh guard to help avoid burns


  • Height: 305mm
  • Top dimensions: 457mm x 559mm
  • Weight: 37.3
  • Max flue height: 8ft
  • Flue diameter: 2.5" (64mm)
  • Material: Metal outer skin, Cast iron top
  • Stick supports included
  • Colour: Black

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