alttobat  Sterling Alternator to Battery charger systems (80A-210A)


Sterling power products have developed a unique range of  products that can greatly improve the battery charging rate and results from your Alternator. They range from 80A to 210A and are sometimes referred to as "Digital split charge systems"

So why do I need one and what do they do?

Every alternator has a built in regulator, this is a voltage sensitive device that tells the alternator when and when not to charge a battery bank. The generic regulators are simplistic devices that are only really designed to control an alternator when charging a single engine starter battery; therefore they cant really deal with multiple battery banks, large battery banks, deep discharge cycles or complex charging cycles. This tends to result in only partial charging or excessivley slow charging of batteries.

There are multiple solutions to the problem of splitting the charge across multiple batteries or battery banks, two of these are Sterling splitter Diodes and Sterling Pro-Split R alternator splitting systems (we sell both ranges). But this still leaves the basic alternator regulator controlling the rate and extent of charge.

The Alternator to Battery charger range fulfill two functions:

  1. To split the charge two ways (give you two outputs from one)
  2. To act as an intelligent regulator utilise the alternator as a 4 stage battery charger, hence offering a greatly improved charging curve.

The range (from 80A to 210A capacity)

The range is characterised by the maximum input size of the alternator(s). For example an 80A unit cannot take an input of more than 80A from an alternator(s). Two alternators can be connected to a Digital split charge unit (the connections are just piggybacked on the same terminal), but their combined input must not exceed its rating.

  • 80A
  • 130A
  • 160A
  • 210A
  • Optional remote control

Simple example wiring diagram

Please find below a basic wiring diagram. There are numerous set ups that this system can be incorporated into, but this demonstrates the simplicity of installing the unit to achieve a vast improvement in your battery charging.

Sterling 12v 80A Alternator to Battery Charger (AB1280)

As the smallest of the range this 80A (AB1280)digital split charge unit can make a fantastic difference for such a...

£279.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £46.67

Sterling 12v 130A Alternator to Battery charger (AB12130)

with 130A capacity this digital split charging system is suitable for medium sized installations (Cruisers,...

£304.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £50.83

Sterling 12v 160A Alternator-to-Battery charger (AB12160)

the 160A capacity of this digital split charge system is suitable for medium to large electrical systems (1 large or 2...

£324.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £54.17

Sterling 12v 210A Alternator-to-Battery charger (AB12210)

as the largest of the digital split charge range this units 210A capacity is suitable for larger electrical charging...

£359.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £60.00


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