Suzuki Outboards (2.5hp - 10hp)  Suzuki Outboards (2.5hp - 10hp)

Why buy a Suzuki rather than any other brand?

As a business we have chosen to stock Suzuki because we believe in the products that they make and the principles and methods by which the global brand operates. Suzuki offer Japanese design and build quality twinned with a flair for a sportier modern image and a real attention to detail of what the boating customer wants from an engine.

Suzuki are investing heavily in new models when many other manufacturers aren\'t refreshing their line-up or filling in the gaps where the is a demand for new models. We believe that the Suzuki range of small outboards (<50hp) is one of the most comprehensive on the market, and with their new EFI (electronic fuel injection) lean-burn models they offer market leading levels of performance and fuel economy!.

Would you like a quote for a model you dont see listed?


Please feel free to give us a call on 01353 663095 or 01353 640008 in order to speak to a trained member of staff about a quotation regarding the Suzuki range of outboards.

Ely Boat Chandlers are Suzuki marine dealers and stock a large range of outboards, however any models that we dont have in stock can be ordered for delivery in approximatley 5 working days.  We also offer a very competitive mailorder service for engines upto 30hp.

Need Suzuki outboard parts?

As an authorised Suzuki Marine dealer we are proud to be able to supply genuine Suzuki parts both locally and via mailorder. You will find a lot of the popular parts listed on the site, but if you are after something you don't see, or you want help and advice, then please feel free to contact us.

Need your Suzuki outboard serviced?

As an authorised dealer we are proud to be able to offer service, repair and warranty work on Suzuki outboards in the Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire area. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the service we offer.

Suzuki DF2.5 Outboard motor (short shaft, 4-stroke, tiller-control) 2.5hp

FREE DELIVERY* - LIMITED TIME OFFER - The smallest and lightest Suzuki in their outboard range, this little motor is a...

£517.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £86.33

Suzuki DF4AS 4hp outboard (four stroke)

At 4hp this Suzuki outboard engine is ideal for small to mid size tenders, or as an auxiliary engine

£909.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £151.67

Suzuki 5hp outboard (four stroke) DF5AS or DF5AL

Enough power to have fun with, but still a very portable little engine. This is the mid-size engine out of the 4hp, 5hp...

£969.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £161.67

Suzuki 6hp outboard (four stroke) DF6AS or 6AL

As the largest out of the common 4-6hp block this motor has excellent power for its weight and makes a very compelling...

£1,049.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £175.00

Suzuki 9.9hp outboard (4-stroke long shaft remote) DF9.9ARL

This electric start, remote control engine makes an ideal choice for smaller cruisers or work boats

£2,199.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £366.67

Suzuki 9.9hp outboard (four stroke) DF9.9AS or DF9.9AL

The 9.9hp is from the same block as the 8hp, therefore you get more power for the same weight!

£1,829.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £305.00
Shaft Length

Suzuki 9.9hp outboard (four stroke, short, tiller, EFi) DF9.9BS

The smallest of the range with E.F.I (electronic fuel injection) and "Lean Burn" technology. This engine is truly at...

£1,939.99 (inc VAT)
VAT Content: £323.33


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