Suzuki 9.9hp outboard (four stroke, short, tiller, EFi) DF9.9BS

The smallest of the range with E.F.I (electronic fuel injection) and "Lean Burn" technology. This engine is truly at the forefront of small engine design

£1,939.99 (inc. VAT)
VAT Content: £323.33



The Suzuki DF9.9BS is part of the brand new line up from Suzuki. As a completely new lightweight design of engine it uses an Electronic-Fuel-Injection system rather than a carburettor. The short shaft version makes for a light, fast and responsive tender or RIB engine, and the long shaft version makes a for reliable, powerful and economical workhorse.


Why is fuel injection and Lean-Burn an advantage?

Why is this important I hear you ask....well it gives three very important advantages:

  1. Use of E.F.I means that the engine has a much better throttle response time than a carburettor engine
  2. With E.F.I the engine can utilise Suzuki's "lean burn" technology. Without getting too technical the CDI unit (the engines brain) will back-off the fuel delivery whilst constantly monitoring the performance (rpm) with the aim of maintaning the engine revs for the minimum amount of fuel usage. This gives this engine fantastic fuel economy at a time when fuel prices are creeping ever upwards.
  3. As a business EBC has significant experience with maintenance of outboards, one thing we have larnt over the years is that carburetors suffer from dirt build up and "wandering or inconsistent" settings over the life of an engine. With E.F.I you wont have this problem.


  • Model: DF9.9BS (short)
  • Power: 9.9hp (max 7.3kw)
  • Fuel delivery: Electronic fuel injection (EFI)
  • Control method: Tiller throttle and steering with separate gear lever
  • Shaft length: Short (suits 381mm transom height)
  • Engine: Twin cylinder, 327cc
  • Gears: Forward, Neutral, Reverse
  • Cooling method: Water cooled
  • Starting method: Manual recoil
  • Fuel tank: External 12L capacity
  • Charging coil: 12v 6A
  • Weight: Short shaft 44kg, Long Shaft tbc
  • Accessories included: Tool kit, External fuel tank and hose
  • Warranty: 5 years (when purchased and registered for leisure use in the UK)

How do I order one?

How do I order one?

As one of Cambridgeshire's authorised Suzuki dealers we are able to offer full sales, service and repair facilities for their range of outboard engines. You can buy one from us in three ways:

  1. Order through the website. Upon receipt of your order we will call you to discuss your requirements, answer any questions you may have and organise delivery. Or
  2. You can call us on 01353 663095 or 01353 640008 to place an order and one of our trained staff will be able to answer any questions you may have, take secure payment and organise delivery. Or
  3. Come in and see us, we are a real shop and would of course be very happy to deal with you in person (details of how to find us can be found on our contact-us page).

How is it delivered?

How is it delivered?

If you are mailordering a Suzuki DF9.9BS outboard from us then you can rest assured that we aim to offer the highest level of service so that you are delighted with your purchase.

All our engines go through a PDI (pre-delivery-inspection) prior to being shipped. This ensures that all settings and functionality are exactly to Suzuki's specifications when you receive the engine.

After PDI we drain the oil and fuel, re-box the engine and then send it out via a courier or pallet courier depending upon the model. We will call you to confirm when the engine is leaving us and when you should expect it to arrive with you.

We register your purchase with Suzuki (for warranty purposes).

Upon receipt of the engine you will need to replace the sump oil prior to running it. It is correct that the correct grade of oil is used, use of the incorrect oil may damage the engine and invalidate your warranty. If you would like us to supply a tub of oil with the engine then just let us know and we can send it out at the same time.

If at any point you have any questions or concerns once you have received your engine then please feel free to give us a call and we will happily talk you through it - we are here to help




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